Do you want a ceremony that is authentic, sacred and truly creative?











Because its all about a contemporary sacred experience that is both creative and deeply significant.


 There is emphasis is on meaning over material things , and so its about immersing you into a meaningful experience which honours your rite of passage through self expression, ritual and defining moments.


I bring creativity and inspiration from earth based spirituality and from YOU.

Have the ceremony you really want, being true to who you really are, and connect with who you are becoming in the process.

Angie x

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I am Angie Litvinoff, a Ceremonialist, Mentor and Modern Day Medicine Woman.


I offer three things with every ceremony 

a deeply meaningful process of preparation

a powerful beautiful ceremony

a focus on true relationship 



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We couldn't have done it without you. You drew the love out of us...we could feel the energy of the universe being held by you. 

So thank you.

You will forever be in our hearts.