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Time to Embrace your Authenticity!

You are reading this because you want a ceremony which is alive, awake and feels your connection between you and all that you hold sacred.


Embody your story inside and out and share exactly what you are all about.


Creating your story in ceremony form, is a true journey of authenticity, soul, self and life, simultaneously raw and polished as the work in progress we all are.


When living each day consciously, with a sense of accountability to create the life you truly want, each breath becomes amazingly sacred.  Loving yourself, the planet, the things which are truly meaningful can be expressed through everything you say and do.


Ceremony is a call to honour and celebrate this precious life and all that gives meaning to the time you are here.  


And here's a radical thought, I am helping you create life beyond the ceremony day, because that is what ultimately matters most, how you begin to live with joyous wisdom and pledges to your soul. 


And its THIS that I love the most, creating something you will never forget.


Image by Redd Angelo

We couldn't have done it without you. You drew the love out of us...we could feel the energy of the universe being held by you.  So thank you. You will forever be in our hearts.


Alternative Wedding Celebrant and Officiator of Unique Ceremonies

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with Angie Litvinoff


Conscious Celebrant

& Medicine Woman 

beautifully alternative conscious ceremonies for rebel souls

Hertfordshire, London and Beyond

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