I am a storyteller, confidant, mentor, creative, artist, modern day medicine woman, rites of passage facilitator, ceremonialist. Whatever you want your ceremony to express, I create, so that its intention reaches way BEYOND the ceremony. 

Your day is the start of something greater, bigger, bolder, its the expression of the voice and life you wish to live from now on.

Its about who you are, your day is all about that, and THAT is  immense.

When I was a teenager, I had my first encounter with earth based spiritual practices and ceremony and experienced my first Rite of Passage of many. 

Ceremony really changed my life - empowered me, showed me where my connection was.


Since then, initiations and shamanic practices and ritual have deeply enriched my experience of making meaningful ceremony as a medicine woman.

Ceremony is to me a powerful, creative and accessible way of honouring life, both a process and a tool of personal transformation. 

I am greatly inspired by love of the planet and the richness of different cultures. I love vintage clothing, my beautiful family, Frida Kahlo, Gogol Bordello and Prince.


Originally from Chile, my rich diverse fusion of cultural experiences feeds into everything I do. Authenticity and the richness of an individual identity together with self expression is EVERYTHING. 


Life is short, its so important to love it, honour it, cherish it, to have joy, to create the one you want. 


Ceremonialist , Ethical Conscious Celebrant , Medicine Woman 

To find out more about my other work visit my other website here.



with Angie Litvinoff


Conscious Celebrant

& Medicine Woman 

beautifully alternative conscious ceremonies for rebel souls

Hertfordshire, London and Beyond

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