I am a mentor, creative, artist, modern day medicine woman, rites of passage facilitator and ceremonialist.  


I was born in Chile and left at the time of the dictatorship. When I was a teenager, I had my first encounter with earth based spiritual practices and shamanic ceremony and experienced my first Rite of Passage of many. This lead me to become a healer and homeopathic consultant and ceremonialist and to embrace change, transformation and ceremony.


I was truly blessed to have my formal celebrant training with Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling, when all the pieces of my experience came to a place of assimilation.​ 

"Live this short sweet life by fully connecting

and expressing ALL that is in your heart"

My rich diverse fusion of cultures, understanding of life and activism are all present and a conscious part in all that I do. I share this offering to bring you authenticity and the richness to create something from the soul. 


The things I love most include spending time with my two children and husband and our friends, creating my own personal rituals, foraging early in the morning, eating chocolate, drinking coffee, Frida Kahlo, books, going barefoot, vintage clothing, my drum and dancing to Gogol Bordello, Funkadelic and Prince.

It is a total honour to hold powerful space for you - I look forward to it!


Ceremonialist, Mentor, Modern Day Medicine Woman

















Do you want to know more about my mentoring work?

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