Children's Blessings
Name Change 

All families are unique and embracing the role of parent and the welcoming for our children is a beautiful celebration of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


It is a time to focus on what makes it so special, to go into this new stage of life with joy and feel nourished by the power of family.



Blessing Ceremony

First, you give me an overview of what you want from your ceremony, I get to know you so that I can craft your ceremony in a way which is authentic to you.


I then put together the first draft and then contact you to discuss how much input you would like from myself or others and work on content. Often ceremonies can involve other people taking part, this gives us a chance to factor this in and see how this will work on the day. 


We also look at specific content, what do you want by way of poems, songs or any other significant contribution from others? I give you my ideas and craft a ceremony to reflect your specific family set up and celebrate the aspects you wish to emphasise.  


I also consider what you want to make it unique and can include meaningful, joyful and significant contributions from the children (if at an age where they can participate) in a way which truly honours them.  An activity could for example be included as part of the ceremony or prior, such as the placing of a handprint on canvass, or the placing of a flower crown, which will play an important role during the ceremony itself - all of these ideas can be considered to create something unique and very special.


I then email you an outline of the event, which forms the order of ceremony and you have a chance to discuss, amend and adapt, and I then send you a final version.  


Two weeks before the ceremony we finalise what will be included.  



Each Ceremony Includes

An initial discussion on what you want

A planning and creative meeting

Emphasis on what is unique about your family

Two drafts of your ceremony

Rituals to define and celebrate

The ceremony

Potential for participation from guests

A copy of the script

A beautiful certificate

Further options can include

- creating a family artwork reflecting your values

- a beautiful sensory ceremony before the blessing