Essential Wedding

Part 1 - Initial meeting

Our initial meeting where you have a chance to meet me and give me an overview of what you want from your main ceremony. We journey through stories and memories to where you first met and what brought you together.  Space is provided to explore how to create vows into your own heart felt words.


Part 2 - The Inspiration Session- the ideas hub!

THIS is the part where we can really create something unique. During this second meeting we clarify your wishes together and I discuss how much input you would like from myself or others.  At first, it is natural for it to all seem quite daunting, I will help you clearly define what is most important to you so that this takes priority in your ceremony. I bring in a creative process where together we see the most important ways to express your unique identity as a couple. We allow for up to two hours for this important process.  You may well have ideas already, we work together to expand and extend those so as to manifest something expressive.  You may equally have no idea where to begin, I listen and bring ideas to you, ideas that speak about you, and we turn those into a wonderful and fun creative process.  On the day of your ceremony, ideas become a real outer expression of ways to represent you, this is what makes this session so important and special.


Part 3 - The Draft content

A third meeting takes place where I run through a format, discuss pieces with you such as music, poetry, other people participating, and layout and venue for the event.  This practical meeting gives you the chance to see the ceremony begin to take shape, making use of each piece of input and putting your wishes into a practical format. We again allow for up to two hours for this to get it just right.


I then email you an outline of the event, which forms the order of ceremony and you have a chance to discuss, amend and adapt, prior to the final version.


Part 4 - Final content and rehearsal 

14 days prior to your ceremony we will need to finalize everything relating to the ceremony, ALL details including readings, order of ceremony, people participating in the ceremony, after this there won’t be time to make significant changes, and so this time is instrumental to establish the final version. I then email you the order of ceremony for you to print and customize if you wish, and supply my own copies for you on the day for the couple and anyone else doing readings.  I will also personally liaise with your wedding photographer if you have one, and the venue and any other people helping on the day. We have a practice of your ceremony together if necessary at this time.


*The Ceremony Day* 

On the day of the ceremony I arrive early so that I can meet either you or the event organizer/planner and create a sacred space to honour your ceremony with. I make a final assessment of some practical matters to do with weather, number of guests, helpers, space, access and acoustics and I also bless the space. I liaise with any helpers also.


All of this helps your ceremony to run amazingly and allows me to focus exclusively at the time in holding the space for you to create atmosphere and a beautiful fun filled day and truly meaningful ceremony to remember always. 



with Angie Litvinoff


Conscious Celebrant

& Medicine Woman 

beautifully alternative conscious ceremonies for rebel souls

Hertfordshire, London and Beyond

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