Exquisite Conscious Ceremonies

to honour the circle of existence

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away"

Maya Angelou

Rites of Passage One to One Ceremonies

The essential way to honour who you are, with this Rite of Passage you alone set the legacy of your voice, truth and empowerment.  

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Conscious Love:


Vow Renewals

Soul Unions 


Your ceremony IS your expression of soul, it will be the catalyst for your life together, on your terms.


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some of my favourite conscious actions

love each other

love listening to your heart

love your voice and truth

love yourself

love the planet 

love preloved clothes

love giving to charity

love your local suppliers

love your local shops and homegrown

love organic

love a cuppa and sharing time

love borrowing

love less stuff

love random acts of kindness 

love more meaning in daily life

love connecting to intention

love laughing

love eco venues

love community venues

love car sharing

love giving back

and more........

Menarche Ceremony and Workshop Group:

Period Parties

Celebrations of a young woman's first period.

This Rite is immense, it is about positivity, body image, empowerment and connection.  

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Grief Rituals

Help to write your own funeral - a workshop.

This is an opportunity to connect to how you feel about life, death and impermanence, get ideas about how to honour your life and subsequently make the most of who you are right now.  Includes a ceremony.  

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with Angie Litvinoff


Conscious Celebrant

& Medicine Woman 

beautifully alternative conscious ceremonies for rebel souls

Hertfordshire, London and Beyond

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