New for the Spring of 2020

Writing your own funeral - 

A grief ritual workshop and ceremony

Coming to terms with our own impermanence can enable us to value our daily lives and creates a huge opportunity to embrace our truth and grow in confidence.


In this special grief ritual workshop we :

Mediation and contemplation time 

Explore the themes of life, death, fear and compassion to ourselves

Have dedicated time to write down what truly matters to you most for your future ceremony

Get creative about ideas on what defines you as an individual

Participate in a powerful ritual connecting you to your life through the five elements in nature

Experience a defining moment in your own future funeral 

Grow closer to understanding your connection with the cycle of life and death and how we prepare for death through making the most of our lives

Find out how to make the most of your future celebrant and their creative input so that your ceremony represents you with total  authenticity

A beautiful gentle day exploring the important themes of grief, belonging, our own mortality and being true to your self expression NOW

Planned for the spring of 2020 - register your interest now to attend this beautiful day.

A well held space so that you can give yourself what you need to embrace the life you live now and feel connected to your message for the future

Get in touch to join me for a life changing day.



with Angie Litvinoff

Celebrant & Medicine Woman 

Unconventional Alternative Ceremonies for Beautiful Rebel Souls

Hertfordshire, London and Beyond

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