2020 Workshop:

Its your funeral 


Have you ever wondered how your funeral will be?   

Whether it will really represent who you are and all you want to say?

Writing your own funeral puts a plan in place, it saves your nearest having to think about what you may or may not have really wanted, and provides a celebrant with a beautiful plan that will truly represent you completely.  It is also the opportunity to explore death and express your identity, and in so doing, embracing the life you have now.


In this special creative workshop we :

Have Mediation and Contemplation time

Explore the themes of life, death, fear and compassion to ourselves

Have dedicated time to write down what truly matters to you most for your future ceremony

Get thinking creatively on ideas about what defines you as an individual and take away inspiration 


Embrace that you can do what you want and defy convention

Brainstorm together as a group to get ideas for your first draft

Experience a ritual from your own future funeral through moving ceremony

Grow closer to understanding your connection with the cycle of life and death and how we prepare for death through making the most of our lives

Find out how to make the most of your future celebrant and their creative input so that your ceremony represents you with total  authenticity

A beautiful gentle workshop focusing on the important themes of grief, belonging, identity, our own mortality and being true to your self expression NOW

New for 2020 - register your interest now to attend this beautiful day.

A sensitive, nurturing and well held space so that you can give yourself what you need to embrace the life you live now and feel connected to your message for the future.  Angie draws from her 20 years as a therapist and wisdom of much experience with the themes of grief and loss as well as her skills as a facilitator to help you embrace your life in the now.

To book

Option 1 includes:

The workshop day

Early Bird Fee £85

 - details to follow

Option 2 includes:

The workshop day

A dedicated one to one writing brainstorming session with Angie

A final script for your funeral written by Angie 

Early Bird Fee £300 - and £350 Thereafter (worth £400)

More details to follow soon 

Get in touch to join me for a life changing day.