Grief Rituals
Green Burials

I am currently not officiating funerals but available to mentor you to write your own ceremony and create an immensely powerful, beautiful and authentic one.

An unconventional approach means you can do away with anything that really doesn't make sense to you, and at the same time have defining moments which honour and immerse you in deep meaning. 

Choosing how we wish to be remembered, or how someone close to us would want to be remembered is such a powerfully significant thing.  The completion of our cycle, before we return to the earth.


There is something so beautiful about having the freedom to connect to who we truly are, and have our lives and values represented and expressed in a liberating way, and in a way that honours our precious time on this earth.


And so it is with great honour that hold the space for what you want, in this journey of creativity and love as a lasting expression of soul.

All the ceremonies with me are eco conscious, I don't officiate cremations.

Having a relaxed ceremony enables you to really connect to your loved one and all that matters right now - know you that you are fully supported with something beautifully simple or intricate.



A great resource is The Natural Death Centre