Menarche, Womanhood and Goddess Ceremonies


What if you could celebrate your womanhood in a way which empowers and really cherishes your identity?


Honour your body through a group celebration for either women celebrating their first period with their friends or women who want a ceremony to reflect their wisdom and growing understanding of their own womanhood at any age.

What it involves

Connect the women of the group in positive awareness about what this means and explore the rhythms and cycles together through sacred craftwork, song and ceremony, and generally having a good time!

A main ceremony at the end provides the initiation into womanhood and the Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman or Wise Woman Archetype - one of these will be the central aspect of the theme.

A bonding of mother/mother figure and daughter or connecting to that aspect of yourself depending on the focus.

Talking circle and oracle cards

A Sacred craftwork session

A Goddess Story

Body awareness and positive body image

Period Cycle awareness or Moon Cycle awareness

Goddess dress up

A ritual for mother and daughter or between women

A Rite of Passage ceremony 


A Goddess Gift for each participant 

An event full of meaning, empowerment and pride.

Also available: Officiate your own Menarche Ceremony 

Do you want to plan your own Menarche Party? 

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