Mentorships  with Angie 

12 week Transformation Programme that is all about you birthing your voice, vision, truth and identity.

Crafted FOR YOU with love - 

as you are changing

The time in the world right now calls for a total life review.  Indeed this COVID-19 era is challenging us to address the old ways of doing things, creating an opportunity to look at what we have outgrown.

The way we do things, the way we think and how we feel.  This transitioning birthing period can be uncomfortable, as you squeeze out of the chrysalis and all you felt to be certain, and think about how best to follow YOURSELF.


 It is a wonderful time to address that sense of urgency, that you are changing and wanting to leave the old behind. A time to get conscious and make decisions based on what serves YOU best.

So how can you support yourself best during this time of change? 


Letting go of what no longer serves you in a time of transition means a hugely significant adjustment.  It is a time to begin and understand yourself more fully, to acknowledge your wisdom and knowledge so far, and take a quantum leap to embrace a new you.


I help you by guiding you with tailored support, summoning my skills, wisdom and everything necessary so that it enables you to grow and embrace this new you, as you birth that reality and get truly focused on your life.


This programme IS for you

if you are ready to:​

Get clear on your vision

Take action to walk into your new life reconnecting to yourself

Go forwards embracing and honouring your strengths

Find your voice authenticity and truth

Birth a new chapter and your identity with total clarity

Build your inner confidence

This is not a conventional coaching course, or a business programme, and requires at least three hours of commitment a week.  It also requires you to open your heart, surrender and trust - to embrace the challenges and have a willingness to get out of the comfort zone, to listen and to action. 

It is a space to BE and understand to connect to a subtle inner knowing, to slow down and make space, as well as be willing to spend time alone to work through the processes each week, this is all essential.


Establish a connection with your Soul Essence 

and get ready fly - on your terms. 


Want to know more?

You can book a free 30 minute discovery session with me see here for more details.