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For all of those involved in this shoot:

Ethical Wedding Ceremony Shoot

DEPENDING ON LOCKDOWN:Sunday 31st May 2020

Tring Park School, Mansion Drive, Tring, Herts HP23 5LX

between 9 and 2

What is all about.....

This shoot is about my ethical luxe wedding ceremonies and the rituals values behind them. 


Ethical is to me the ability to think consciously about our choices, from making sure our clothes have been made consciously, ie not by slavery or child labour, or used a huge amount of resources or chemicals or pollutants, to seeing that we live free of cruelty and care for the environment. 


By helping me create this vision, you are helping me to reach people so that they make great choices with their time and money, in a conscious and meaningful way.  Thank you.

My ceremonies are dynamic, creative, spiritual and alternative and beyond the trend.

The vibe of this shoot is vintage think studio 54 (Tammy and Samantha), Mad Men (Emily and Wayne) burning man festival (Suzanne and Renee) inspired.  All depicting fun and self expression, enjoy!

Do check out the rest of the site, to get a good idea about how I work. Click on your photo: your image below will have an insta or fb link where I have one.  

Angie x

Our wonderful Models





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And of course me  - your Ethical / Eco Celebrant, Cermonialist and Modern Day Medicine Woman.

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