10 Reasons to Have a Small Wedding

There has never been a better time to focus on making your wedding small and inspired. These challenges in the time of Covid have enabled us all to take a step back and connect with the real meaning in life. This soul-searching opportunity allows us to get real with ourselves, and brings a clarity that liberates us to cease life and really live it.

I offer you here my essential tips as to why a small wedding is incredible, and how you can have the most incredibly authentic and beautiful wedding like no other. My ten top reasons why this is a first incredible choice you can make.

1. Intimacy

Keeping it about YOU is essential for creating the focus you need. A small wedding provides intimacy; the situation lends itself for powerful focus on what truly matters most.

2. Atmosphere

You don’t need huge spaces and crowds to create an atmosphere, you need creativity and intention. The atmosphere you can create can be EPIC because it’s all about the personal. You can have defining moments and elements that truly captivate.

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