How to Handle Disappointment

Six essential tips shared with Magpie Wedding.

During this time of cancellations and rescheduling, its good to get the support you need.

🖤 Give yourself time to grieve before you make decisions.

Having bad news sucks, and when our plans have to change, especially when we have been so looking forward them, can be a shock. Giving yourself a day (or a little longer if you can) to allow the news to sink in and create a bit of time to allow all of your feelings to come through will help you process it all.

🖤 Change your scenery.

Even if its living room to balcony or garden, or out for a walk if you can, take yourself somewhere else so you can clear your mind a little and feel the fresh air on your face. This nurtures your soul and lets you connect with the outside world, and THIS is positive. You might need to scream at the sky or run – its all a release.

🖤 Connect with something beautiful.

Even if you can’t process it all right now, a message of hope will allow you to be kinder to yourself right now. A song or a film with a special message that helps you to feel supported.

🖤 Get creative and see what you can do, so that you can use the time to plan.

There’s a lot you can’t do about a situation you have no control over, but there is a surprising amount you can do. You won’t be having the experience you had originally planned for, but it makes way for something else, start to see what could work, write it all down, make a mood board, get researching and begin to make a plan.

🖤 Focus on Self care.

Getting through the disappointment and being conscious in that process, be aware of what your needs are, look after yourself. If you need to, write down all that disappoints you so you feel you have expressed yourself, then create a new beginning by literally stepping into a space of gratitude for what you can create now, be it through a symbolic act or a meditation – give it a try, even if you have not done it before.

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