Conscious Living - steps to creating a sustainable home and life

“What matters in the end - all is love.

Ceremony for me is the ultimate expression of soul, we merge with what matters and become one. So as you choose to create a conscious ceremony with me, you complete this relationship, celebrating also the mindful choices of your daily life and your relationship with the world”

'As an eco celebrant forever embracing slow living, I look at conscious choices in my work all the time. With my passion for vintage, upcycled, consciously made, locally sourced, my own daily life is process of learning what that all means, it’s the way I live, and this passion goes deep! I don’t have all the answers, many questions, but we are in this together so love to know what others are doing, and always looking for inspiration along the way.

The huge impact choices make on the environment and each other throughout the world is essentially been responsible for the imbalances we see everywhere, from the environmental crisis to something very connected to it, which is the imbalance between rich and poor nations.

Every decision enables us to begin to change the world. I came as a child immigrant to the UK from Chile, during the time of the dictatorship. My relationship to the world has been shaped by my ability to see how we are all united in one collective effort to love the planet, regardless of where in the world.This fills me full of hope.

My work as a homeopathic consultant and healer/modern medicine woman led me to creating ceremonies. Conscious ceremonies for me are the resurgence in the world of truly meaningful connection with defining moments in our lives, beautiful rites of passage that allow us to honour and celebrate, this makes my heart sing. Social responsibility through our relationship to ceremony for me is a true expression of our love of the planet.

Some myths I would say include that people who make an effort have it all right, I don’t. The difference is that it is about thinking things through and doing what is possible and available at the time. The more steps the more can be achieved, to change our lives.

There are SO MANY ways that conscious living can be a part of daily life. Here are some of the ways we do it….

Loving vintage, gifted and upcycled

We love second hand, so second hand furniture is really a way of life. Looking around, my grandfathers chair sits in the corner, a Parker-Knoll wingback chair from freecycle next to it, a 70’s gplan coffee table lovingly restored takes on various incarnations depending on the time of day, an antique Spanish cabinet houses my remedies, it is indeed a long list!

Much of what we own we have had for well over 15 years since we got married, and followed us around our house moves, from the East Sussex coast to Hertfordshire. Keeping things for a long time means they stay put, and so this is one way we try and reduce consumption. Yes we still go to Ikea, though not very often.

Our food and garden time.

It is very exciting when the veg box arrives, I have to tell you! Because it’s seasonal, grown with love, healthy and organic. I don’t buy everything organic, but I do get a veg box. Buying from the local bakery is also something we do every week – locally made and sourced produce including farm produce makes our bakery just amazing, a real hub.

We are in a new home having moved in March 2020, and establishing a permaculture garden out of a blank canvass, so looking to have harmony with edible plants grown in a way that is free of pesticides. Permaculture gardens also look beautiful - reducing lawn space as kids get older and plenty of herbs and fantastic plants maximising on the space available.

When we have a party.

We LOVE parties, and ours are a community event. When we get together we invite friends to bring instruments and people end up jamming and giving live music. We invite friends to each bring a dish and reduce waste by either getting recyclable cups, plates and cutlery to using real plates etc,

Clothes, clothes, clothes.

We also have kids so you can imagine it’s a journey to clothe a family consciously. Whenever we can we choose British made, it’s a process and we are always trying. For younger kids its entirely possible to source almost all second hand, and for both our kids this has been the case up until they have become older. My love of self-expression means for the last 30 years I have been a huge lover of vintage clothes and this is still a huge part of my life.


Giving away things we don’t need and giving to charity is also part of the life balance for me. As we go further into embracing the Slow Movement, becoming more minimalist means quite literally less stress, less to tidy up, less to want, less to own, less to maintain, more to enjoy for its simple beauty. So giving things away is a big part of that. I do some charity fundraisers, which give me a personal connection with causes that really resonate with me, and give me a huge feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

When fast food becomes local food.

Peoples jaws often drop when I reveal that I have never taken my kids to MacDonald’s – as in what type of cruel woman am I! As they get older I can’t do much about their personal choices, I can only plant the seeds of conscious living, but the deforestation, growing, farming and preparation practices make it for us a firm no. And so we have creative alternatives, this sometimes either means supporting local sandwich shops or making at home, so the planet, the environment and our bodies need not suffer. It’s a total win.

The wellbeing cupboard.

I have a full dispensary at home of homeopathic medicine, herbal tinctures and natural supplements. The harmony of the body is about listening, so when something is wrong our body tells us, and using the Vital Force of the body, I work with increasing vitality so it grows in strength inside and out and heals from illness. Our familiarity and confidence in using flower essences, herbs, vibrational medicines and having healing for wellbeing is part of our family life. Foraged seasonal plants also make up some of that experience, for drinks, foods and tonics.

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