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Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Sandrachile photographer "Its OK to be you, no matter what YOU is, THAT is what drives me the most"

So – everywhere speaks to me with inspiration, and Sandrachile is no exception.

As a creator of meaningful heart led ceremonies, it is the defining moments I look for. Sandra is one of those special people who create something infinitely more than a beautiful image to keep, the scope, colour and vibrancy of her photography is stunning.

So how does she so clearly communicate true soul and meaning?

I have noticed that ‘alternative’ is popping up everywhere for weddings, but what I also realised is my alternative and someone else’s alternatives can be polar opposites. For me, alternative is truth, it is raw and elemental.

Authentically alternative says to me - go about creating something you wouldn’t otherwise expect - it is the scope to get rid of beliefs we have about what we think needs to happen. So, does a dress have to be puffy, do vows always have to say the same and do you have to have a best man, bridesmaids, and hen do’s that involve whatever they usually involve? If you place intent behind everything you plan, all can be ceremony, rich, powerful, joyful and beyond any previous experience. I encourage you to put convention to one side and focus on visions and dreams. Look like you, be you, be true to yourself. Isn't that what makes you strong in everything else in your life?

Nothing has to happen in the way you thought it had to or were led to believe – that is the magic of it all. In creating a truly authentic image I see these photographs put individuality at the centre - its what Sandra does in an incredibly unique way. She is a soul sister on the other side of the world holding a virtual hand with me through an unconventional journey of magic.

I adore photography, one wonderfully fateful day, I was doing some research and suddenly came upon Sandra’s work - and I was blown away. Not only does her own personality shine through her work, she herself celebrates uniqueness, individuality and self expression, she is a magnet to people who want to voice the same thing and so her photographs are exquisite and different. Sandra like me is from Chile and her warmth, authenticity and awareness of a greater reality and the world is really apparent in all that she creates. She is passionate and driven. Being different for me is not something I designed, it was the only way I could be happy, because different IS me, and speaking with Sandrachile and exchanging thoughts and ideas for me is akin to finding the dance which makes you want to dance the most.

She photographs people in love including wedding couples, often with fantastic urban backdrops, gorgeous women and men who look really unique and captures moments of true intimacy - where the very pause I work with in my own ceremonies is – and holds that space of soul and immortalises it. A feast for my eyes, a glimpse that the world really is beautifully diverse. This totally makes my heart sing!

The inspiration in knowing Sandra’s work for me is all about a connection that celebrates happiness in our work, because for her it is much more. She is also really committed to working in an ethical way and actively giving to charity is really important to her. And so a wedding becomes a way in which we can make a true statement, about love, life, giving, the planet and combine social responsibility with huge joyful creative self expression.

Based in the USA she also travels EVERYWHERE, I urge anyone who wants to feast their eyes on photography that celebrates being free to be you to follow her work. Wouldn't it be completely wonderful that she could be the one to photograph you soon.

Sandrachile photographs featured in this blog post.

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