10 top tips for an eco wedding

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Hop over to Unconventional Wedding - this is my guest blog - which gives you 10 of my juiciest tips for a conscious event which speaks VOLUMES about your values and love of the planet. Tell me how you get on - contact me and we can chat about any overwhelm and your deepest wishes for an amazing day.

Budget Address the budget and draw up a list of what matters to you and speaks about your values. Have a look at what you are spending on and evaluate why. Is there a way you can spend more on something and less on other things? Learning from my own experience, we spent WAY too much on rings we don’t wear daily. Think about what you want to do afterwards as this also helps create less waste. Don’t get sucked in by convention!

Shop Local And Source Responsibly Generate more movement in your local economy by sourcing locally grown flowers, local caterers and suppliers. Consider responsibly sourced gold and diamonds if you choose that route. Gentle Visions Storytelling Photography Borrow Why buy when you can hire and borrow? Work with wedding suppliers to source items you don’t need to buy. That way you don’t have to waste anything or have the job of selling it on afterwards.

Preloved Have you considered buying second hand for your wedding clothes? Nobody says you must get married in white either – beautiful stunning and original vintage and preloved clothing, and nearly new gowns are a great way to honour your eco wedding theme. You can look completely amazing and unique. When shopping, think about how many times you are REALLY going to wear that wedding dress! I have worn mine dozens of times in the last 14 years, but that’s because it was versatile! Eco Wedding Venues Seek out an eco wedding venue that respects the environment, supports the community or a local charity, and minimizes travel. You could consider an eco-build, a community space, the great outdoors or your own home or garden.

Keeping Things Small Eco weddings can also incorporate a theme of less consumption. By keeping things small, you can be sure to focus on the actual intention of the day, a celebration of a sacred soul union, about your love and relationship. A small wedding can provide the intimacy of sacred space, bring together the people who mean most to you and keep the focus on you. An elopement has a total focus on you and a private powerful experience with the two of you and a celebrant.


I am very inspired by my friend and wedding photographer Sandra Chile. She started giving food out to homeless people from what was left over from wedding parties, collaborating with the couples themselves and helping people as part of the event. Find out how this might be possible for you as it gives back in a huge way. Also, again a Sandra tip, giving flowers to local hospices or nursing homes is a beautiful way of connecting to the local community and spreading love.

Give To Charity Encourage your guests to donate a bit of money as a wedding gift to a cause close to your heart. This way, you don’t get given what you don’t want! Also, don’t be afraid to ask for what you DO want, like a holiday, or something specific for your new life together? Photo used by kind permission of Fabrizia Verrecchia

Car Share How are your guests arriving to your wedding? Can you encourage them to talk to each other and share transport or even a minibus so that they don’t all drive to you, maybe they can even cycle? Make Your Eco Wedding Plastic Free Insist on ditching the plastic for a true eco wedding. Glass bottles and hiring of cutlery are great solutions. Discourage packaging and single use plastic. Recyclable plastic is still a huge problem, not a solution!

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Straw Bale Ceremonies Building in Hertfordshire. Pic by kind permission of Fabrizia Verriecchia

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