Why you might be having trouble with your vows...

You know, I speak to couples about ceremonies a lot, and there is often hesitancy around the actual ceremony.

It’s actually one of the most difficulty decisions of many to make - what to include, how to include it, who should be there, why, what to say, how to express it.

A lot comes up, it opens up scenarios, and it can at first feel scary.

And more resistance to vows than anything else, I mean, where do you start to capture SO MUCH in such a short space of time, how can you convey something so important, so definite, deep and significant, if you are not a writer?

BUT THAT is exactly why it deserves so much attention.

It MEANS so much - this committing your life with another - this time of vows and pledges of the heart - this bearing your soul to be raw and honest to the one you love. So doing it properly, giving it what it deserves - your time and dedication rewards you with the most profound experience possibly you may ever have.

Holding sacred ceremony for you and writing for you involves going through the processes and being there for you bringing out the best and most expressive aspects of you. It creates an immense sharing.

So its essential to look at this, to take time to understand it, you see, the writing of the vows is in itself an important ritual, set it up as one, journal, collect memories and moments in your mind, connect with the feeling they give you, and do not feel it is beyond you, because it isn't - its just big, but not bigger than your actual love for each other.

And something else I want to share with. you at this stage because its so important, it is heart led. So if I asked you a question, what it is about your partner that you love - answer me, spontaneously, speak from the heart, and add to it as you tell me, feel your natural relaxed self coming through, use the words you would normally use, find your voice, find your feet with it, be authentic in your answer, enjoy telling me.

Get in touch to speak with me, it would be WONDERFUL to hear about what you want and help you make these essential decisions.

All couples that work with me get help with my special vow writing guide as well as individual support to make sure that your vows are perfect for you.

See more about my Creative Ceremonies - contemporary sacred ceremonies that nourish the soul here:

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