Rituals allow the senses to travel a journey of complete immersion to connect you with the now

This is an example of rituals that can be included

Honouring the Elements 

A special  ceremony dedicated to merging you with the five elements and their gifts and qualities. 

Shamanic Drumming

A beautiful powerful trance rhythm that I incorporate at different parts of your ceremony creating a significant moment suspended in time

Messages from Nature

Engage in different ways with dedicated carefully blended aromatherapy scents to capture sensations, feelings and invoke a connection that merges you and all those present with your ceremony.

An Initiation

A defining moment that creates the crossing of a threshold and crowns you to step into your new beginning.  


The burning of sacred significant herbs both form a cleansing, purification and blessing ritual of the energies around your body/aura, and also define the crossing of one life to the next.

Elixirs and Essences

The drinking of a specially created Elixir that symbolises what you hold closest to your heart during your ceremony to further deepen your connection.

The Role of Ritual

Each ceremony needs its own rituals, those that bring your closer, that are significant and meaningful to you in an authentic way.  These are some of the rituals which have powerful meaning in ceremony and are instrumental in the making of intention.

When I write your ceremony, I include different defining moments that add to the power and magic of it all, that are full of symbolism and your truth.