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Alice - please do get involved with the backdrop styling if you want to. 

The photos of our models are just for illustration - so you know what they look like.

Once we have clothes, please feel free to be involved in their headgear - if we need to source hats or flowercrowns or real flowers in their hair.

The whole shoot is as you can see full of colour and sophisticated but bohemian without being trendy, at least thats the aim! 

We will have some rugs down also for one of the sets.

Equally if you see a jumpsuit alternative or something else for them to wear do feel free to explore this.  As long as its either secondhand, preloved or vintage or consciously/ethically made I'm really open.

We could borrow clothes, shoes, accessories and props from Emmaus.

Rachel Lane-Pyle will do hair and makeup, and could use real flowers for one of them possibly...

Where you see things missing, such as a supplier for headgear for example or one for high end vintage dresses, I have contacted a fair few people so no leads currently, but am still trying.   

We may need to source a shirt or a t-shirt for the male acrobat, at some point.


Angie x

Our Studio 54 couple:

Tammy and Samantha

Tammy size 8, height 5ft 5inch

Samantha sample size 12, height 5ft 3inch

Backdrop - indoors as pictured 

Hexagonal  backdrop to have lightbulbs but no macrame

Could be a Phannatiq dress (in another colour to Suzannes) for one of the models.

Thinking maybe turbans for both or for one of them

Our 1950's Mad Man Couple:


We will have a real harpist and have asked PollyandPetal to come up with something with a similar vibe to the pink and orange backdrop

Our Burning Man Couple:

Suzanne and Renee

Suzanne Size 12 (she said just about) she is very keen she has something gathered at the waist, I said don't worry we have Alice on board!

Renee Size Medium, height 5ft 11inch, waist 30, leg 32

We will have real acrobats possibly on stilts or on hoops above them as backdrop, and also if the venue allows it we could have fire sticks

Suppliers on board already:

Phannatiq for Suzanne and Renne and possibly one of our Studio 54 models.  Phannatiq link here  and the press office for loan of items is Felicities, they have had 3 emails already, including from owner of Phannatiq Anna Skodbo so they should be aware!

Contact details for Felicities for the loan of the clothing is  here

Vintage Suit hire for 1950's look. Link here our contact there in Bedford is Lydia.

Possible dresses, Accessories and Props (possibly shoes if it works) from Emmaus in Tring. Link here our contact is Emily 

More 1950's and 1970's vintage clothes from Galina ownder of Gigi's Dressing Room contact details here and email is

Flowers from Gilly Flower tbc

Silk flower backdrops from PollyandPetal link here

Vintage clothing from Vintage Circus depending on what' she's got in link here though it has to be evening wear or glamorous rather than daywear, our contact is Caron.  Also Gigi vintage - the best vintage shop in London, link as above.

Backdrops from Wilderness Prop hire.

Potential supplier for headpiece or bouquet is possibly Crzybest who is also very ethical, can ask her, here link is here