Ultimate   Wedding

So, you get that I love you honouring who you both are!


This ultimate expression of your soul union is a creative story in which your central role is to grow together. The celebration starts NOW - my unique offering to you is one of walking a path of discovery together.


This is a beautiful year long journey with space created to honour your relationship and building foundations for a wonderful long lasting union of love and understanding. 


This huge wedding journey experience will bring you closer, allow you to express who you are, create room to grow and take out the stress of important matters which will not cloud your day or experience here.  I hold the space while we plan, experience, have days away, explore creative space and collaborate on the most unique soul union journey you would ever want.  

This plan includes:

First Meeting

We meet to get to know each other, and to get a general idea about what you want your unique wedding to be.  If you want something different but dont' know how to begin don't worry, its what I'm here for.  I explain how I work and tell you more about my role.

Who We Are Day 

My full special hugely creative brainstorming session

Time dedicated to making your ceremony completely personalised and unique 

Experiential day of becoming

Defining you as individuals

Embracing the things you love

Celebrating the things you love about each other, what really matters

What is most important to you together and separately, how you met?

Bring clothes, photos, videos, items

We plan your elopement ceremony and begin to create the vision for the main ceremony day

The Five Elements Ceremony

A special ceremony exploring the FIVE ELEMENTS IN NATURE exploring themes in your relationship and inspiration for the unique ceremony we will craft.

The Bliss Retreat Day

Getting away to connect with nature, yourself and each other




Shamanic Sound therapy

Forest Bathing


An Elopement 

Just for you. 

What you want to say and be in your own terms, in an intimate setting giving you space to share what is important together in ceremony.

You with or without two guests, bespoke personal ceremony full of ritual and meaning which celebrates your relationship in your beautiful Bliss retreat setting.

See here for more information. 

A draft content meeting followed by a rehearsal session meeting to bring it all to life 

The draft content meeting allows us to iron out the additional material and fine tune your ceremony.  This is in person, Skype, Zoom or phone.

once  the final draft is created following this meeting, we have the rehearsal session.

At the rehearsal session, best women / best men are needed, final draft of scripts and wedding planning final day.

We run through your ceremony and practice all aspects of it together as well as establish timings. 

Also final idea details of the rest of your wedding day.  I liaise with your suppliers where necessary and wedding planner where necessary. Final aspects decided.

Your Ceremony Day 

On the day of the ceremony I arrive early so that I can meet either you or the event organiser/planner and create a sacred space to honour your ceremony with. I make a final assessment of some practical matters to do with weather, number of guests, helpers, space, access and acoustics and I also bless the space. I liaise with any helpers also.

Cake and Assimilation

A special meeting with a closing ritual a little after your main ceremony day. Launch into that relationship knowing that in all our time together, time to let it all sink in, you are both ready to embrace what matters most about being together. A space to share and ground your energies after your euphoric amazing wedding. 

I CAN'T WAIT to share this with you!  Contact me for further information.



with Angie Litvinoff


Conscious Celebrant

& Medicine Woman 

beautifully alternative conscious ceremonies for rebel souls

Hertfordshire, London and Beyond

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