There are things about you which are only special to your unique soul essence,  your way of being, THIS is the time when you can connect with what is most important,  so that I as the writer of your story and creator of the version which will be shared can completely step into your shoes and understand what makes you, YOU. We will do things your way, get authentic and communicate your most important message your way. 

Your Ideas Workshop 

creative brainstorming 


props and mementoes

music and poetry

memories and anecdotes

how your love of life and the planet can be expressed on your day

defining moments and important events

interests and values

how you first met 

creating a vision of all the things you love and value together 

exploring ritual and ceremony

Your unique identities

WILL SHINE through to express 

who you are to each other


We create a vision and make time for meditation and relaxation to allow you to clear your head of the rubbish which can distract us all day to day, and also because these powerful tools help you to focus on what you want, to help assist in defining clearly what is most important to you.