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Making it your own   - how it works

I am  so aware that the ceremony is the bit of the day which a lot of couples find the most daunting - because it matters so much. 


It means EVERYTHING to represent yourself in a way which you will remember always, which creates moments of pure magic, defining moments full of meaning. 


Forget all about other weddings, I encourage  you to forget you have ever been to a wedding.  We are  doing things differently, and it will be all about what matters most.

I will mentor, guide, hold the space, you give yourself permission to be you, and we create something amazing.


I have some unique things to share here with you as part of the process.

For Weddings 

The first meeting

 A first meeting to get to know you and what you want 

Continuous support and communication

Your Ideas Workshop

Ideas for readings, themes and content, a creative planning session.

Looking at rituals with you to create a unique ceremony

The Poetry Resource

An inspirational poetry resource compilation from Angie for you

A writing  and speaking masterclass

All the help and advice with writing your non traditional vows and feeling confident in voice


Rehearse with me so you are confident with every aspect of your ceremony.

The Ceremony Day

Your main incredible Ceremony and day with me as your celebrant and mentor

Addressing  overwhelm together

Addressing overwhelm and anxiety so that you can keep grounded and focused on what matters most.  I'm here for you.

Your  Love &  Everything Wedding Pack

This essential online pack is FULL of all you need to create space and meaningful moments which define  your journey together. They allow time to stand still so you can focus on what truly matters most.

You get exclusive members area access to this beautiful resource.

To access your special pack click here

Also included

The Calm Pack

The Calm Pack - a beautiful online resource full of joyful grounding rituals, a sound bath and meditations to do TOGETHER to enjoy throughout your preparation time keeping you calm 


Benefit from Angie's expert mentoring, helping you keep accountable for the way you prepare, how you spend your time to ensure it is about YOU with a total emphasis on honouring joy and love 

The Creative Planning Session 

Take time to explore who you are and how you really want to express yourselves.  Give yourself permission to shine

The Art Box

A pack of resources and guidance for you to create a beautiful unique piece of artwork that defines the vibrancy and colour of your relationship.  


A beautiful certificate and copy of your script

A session after your big day to assimilate all that it means to you both


Your  Ideas  Workshop    read more here.



with Angie Litvinoff

Conscious Celebrant, Ceremonialist, 

Modern Day Medicine Woman, Mentor 

Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, London and Beyond

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