Soul Unions
Vow Renewals


I am so aware that the ceremony can initially feel really daunting.


It means EVERYTHING to represent yourself in a way which you will remember always, which creates moments of pure magic, defining moments full of meaning. 


Forget all about other weddings, I encourage  you to forget you have ever been to a wedding.  We are  doing things differently, and it will be all about what matters most.

I will mentor, guide, hold the space, you give yourself permission to be you, and we create something amazing.


I have some unique things to share here with you as part of the process.

Remember that your ceremony is the start of something incredible, I will help you both honour what truly matters most.

Are you ready to make it happen?

Your epic soulful ceremony & preparation 

The first meeting

Your Ideas Workshop

The Poetry Resource

A writing  and speaking masterclass

including help with writing non traditional vows


The Ceremony Day

Addressing overwhelm

Your  Love &  Everything Rituals Pack

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Also ​

The Calm Pack - turn anxiety into creativity


The Creative Planning Session 

A beautiful certificate and copy of your script

A session after your big day to assimilate all 



Your  Ideas  Workshop    

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